We are an engineering and manufacturing recruitment company so we don’t recruit consultants with no knowledge in the field. We only recruit engineering or technical people who are able to understand your processes & procedures. This gives us the tools in helping finding the ideal candidate.

For us, it’s about quality not quantity. This is why we have a clearly defined screening process that all our candidates must go through. We don’t expect you to trawl through a mountain of CVs, that’s our job. All our candidates will be interviewed, skill levels will be assessed, and then we’ll decide who is the best talent for the role. No CV will be sent until we’re 100% sure they fit the bill.

We won’t bombard you with CV’s just because they contain some key industry keywords. You’ll only ever hear from us once we’ve found the best candidate to suit your role.

When the need arises please contact us and we will take a detailed job description to enable us to fully understand your vacancy and company business strategy. We offer very competitive percentage fees for any engagement.

We look forward to hearing from you!